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We offer a range of different types of dentures here at the denture clinic and we aim to offer the right one for you. We offer a free consultation, where you can discuss with our CDTs, about the dentures and other products we offer. Dentures can be constructed in acrylic, chrome and flexible materials.

Your dentures should become part of you. They should function in harmony with your mouth, lips and face, and look like nature intended. They should provide good function during speech and mastication and restore your confidence following the loss of natural teeth.

Full Dentures

Our dentures are made for comfort, function and aesthetics. The cost involved varies upon the quality of teeth and denture base used and the time invested in constructing them. We are sympathetic to patients who dislike having their impression taken and have various impression techniques available to avoid the discomfort of previous experiences.

Wearing old, ill fitting dentures could be causing harm to the underlying bone structures of the jaws and should be replaced. As the residual bone decreases so does the retentive ability of full dentures. Regular relining - every 2 years - and replacement - every 5-10 years, helps to preserve this bone.

Typically a full set of dentures, will take 4-5 visits over a 2 to 3 week period. In emergency situations, this can be reduced to suit the patients needs.

Service 1 - The Denture Clinic, Broadstairs


Dentures, before - The Denture Clinic, Broadstairs


Dentures, after - The Denture Clinic, Broadstairs
Service 1 - The Denture Clinic, Broadstairs

Partial Dentures

It is important that before we begin treatment, we would require you to have had a recent dental checkup to ensure your remaining teeth are suitable to support the denture we make you. We will liaise with your dentist over your treatment plan to ensure you are receiving the best possible outcome.

To create a harmony between natural and artificial dentition is a true art and can only be achieved with experience. Each CDT has over 35 years denture making experience. Partial dentures can be made far less bulky in chrome and flexible material eliminating the need for much palatal coverage.


Partial dentures, before - The Denture Clinic, Broadstairs


Partial dentures, after - The Denture Clinic, Broadstairs

Aftercare of dentures

You will receive advice from our CDTs about the aftercare of their dentures and will also be offered an aftercare leaflet to refer to for future use. If you require any adjustments after your dentures have been fitted, you can make an appointment to see the CDTs to make necessary adjustments.

Denture aftercare - The Denture Clinic, Broadstairs